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10% off Midnightsky Fibers handspun yarns fibers and kits

Midnightsky Fibers has just (re)launched our site after having it completely rebuilt! We are very excited to announce that we have new lines of yarns available for custom order, as well as lots of our handspun, handpainted yarns and fibers, even kits and monthly clubs! Midnightsky Fibers specializes in vegetarian and environmentally friendly products.

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Midnightsky Fibers

In celebration of our grand re-opening, we are giving a discount to some of our favorite friends! **You can use the code below to receive 10% off your order.**

Code: lj0806

Please only one coupon per order/customer, but your are free to share it with whomever you wish.

Know of a hip or totally rad store where you would like to see our yarn- either online or off? We would love it if you would drop them a line telling them about us, we are always looking to find small boutiques and yarn stores that share our love of the environment and small business.

Midnightsky Fibers
products are available as retail and wholesale.
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